Thursday, December 27, 2012

1.Pick of the day!
Laura Knitwear Top White - IDR 145,000.00
Alice Skirt Black - IDR 140,000.00
Flaire Flats Cream - IDR 185,000.00
Padlock Key Bracelet - IDR 145,000.00
Paris Necklace - IDR 95,000.00

2.All about pattern.
Olive Top Black - IDR 150,000.00
Sarah Sling Paprika - IDR 195,000.00
Lovy Pocket Orange - IDR 40,000.00
Zippy Necklace Orange - IDR 110,000.00
Canary Flats Black - IDR 185,000.00

Lucy Bangles - IDR 105,000.00
Balloon Necklace - IDR 95,000.00

3.Pinky mood!
Clara Dress Pink - IDR 150,000.00
Star Horse Bracelet 03 - IDR 145,000.00
Fay Wings Necklace - IDR 100,000.00
Silicone Wallet Baby Pink - IDR 70,000.00
Silicone Handbag Baby Pink - IDR 110,000.00

Berry Flats Pink - IDR 185,000.00
Emily Sling Pink - IDR 195,000.00

4.Geo Necklace Color
Geo Necklace Color
Code : A000095/COL/00
IDR 105,000

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

visit semarang and lawang sewu

lawang Sewu is a relic of ancient Dutch building that was built in 1904. Originally this building for corporate headquarters rail (tram) Dutch colonizers or Nederlandsch Indishe Spoorweg Naatschappij (NIS). Building three-story art deco (1850-1940) was the work of renowned Dutch architect, Prof. Jacob F Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag. Lawang Sewu located on the east side of Tugu Muda Semarang, or on a street corner Pandanaran and street youth. Called lawang sewu (Thousand Doors), this is because the building has a door that very much. In fact, there is no door to a thousand. The building has many windows high and wide, so people often take it as a door.

This is a legacy of the Dutch railway

semarang at night

hello Christmas

though I do not celebrate because my religion Islam, but I still respect today, because some of my family celebrating Christmas

full color
happy  celebrating Christmas guys :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gedong Songo

Gedong Songo on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, precisely in the temple Gedongsongo, Darum Hamlet, Village Temple, Ambarawa district, Semarang regency and temple complex was built in the 9th century AD. Gedong Songo comes from the Javanese, "pro-actively" means a house or building, "Songo" means nine. So the meaning of the word Gedongsongo is nine (groups of) buildings.

with my brother #gilang love picture

red sepatu flower

let's jump!!!!!!!!!!

 with all star converse(gray) / necklace owl / and black nail :) 

Designer Skyline – Owl City Lyrics & Listen

Designer Skyline – Owl City Lyrics & Listen

Paramore - Misery Business(720p)

misery business by paramore

loved style

vintage style is my love style 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

at coffe shop

first visit to a coffee shop must feel very strange, and it's the first time I took the photo in a cave
and my first post 

Thank you for your arrival :)